Buying and Earning ePoints

Earning and Purchasing ePoints are quick, easy and fun! Here is how...

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How to buy ePoints

Purchase ePoints Monthly and Save

Monthly VIP members receive the following benefits:

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  • Recycle Buy Back 7-10%
  • Store Discounts of 7-10%
  • Extended Guarantee
  • **Annual Bonuses in ePoints
  • Monthly Newsletter


Purchase ePoints (Once Off/Topup)

Buy blocks of a 1000 ePoints at a time to supplement your current ePoints to help you purchase ENJO products at a lower rate.

Tip: VIP Members will be able to purchase ePoints at their special discount level.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do ePoints work?

You earn points through various actions on our website. For example, you can earn ePoints when you submit a product review, create an account, watch certain videos and do certain actions.

What is the value of an ePoint?

An ePoint is indicated by an “e”. One ePoint is worth R0.10. In other words, a 1000e = R 100.

Can I cash out ePoints?

No, it is illegal to cash out ePoints under South African Law.

What can I purchase with ePoints?

You can purchase both digital and physical products on our website. You can purchase all our ENJO products that are listed on our online shop with ePoints. On the checkout page you will have the option of using your ePoints to purchase ENJO products. If you do not have enough ePoints, then you will not have the option to use your ePoints to purchase your ENJO products. You can however topup your ePoints so that you can purchase your ENJO Products.

What can I earn ePoints on?

There are various activities on our website that you can do to earn ePoints. If you have used any of our ENJO products, then you can write a review of how you found that product in our product catalogue on our ENJO Shop.

Here is the latest list of easy, quick and fun activities that you can do to earn points.

History of your current points earnings.

zagger.leon+test1100 eePoints for becoming a member
Jenny100 eePoints for becoming a member
rhutwnwvcuc100 eePoints for becoming a member
yvette.spies100 eePoints for becoming a member
ciska.jordaan100 eePoints for becoming a member
Barbara Weingaertner100 eePoints for becoming a member
xlpccatlikz100 eePoints for becoming a member
cpuhhokzfzn100 eePoints for becoming a member
gsbyncrunre100 eePoints for becoming a member
zssbvlxhwwc100 eePoints for becoming a member