Get ePoints

Here is a list of the quick, easy and fun activities that you can do to earn yourself some ePoints

Check this page frequently to see if there are any new activities to earn more points.

Important: Points allocation for activities may change at anytime. Activities may end at any time, or may be restricted without notice.

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The following opportunities currently exist to earn points

The following are special opportunities currently available that will end soon

Earn 50 ePoints for each review of the products that you currently own. You can submit a maximum of 5 reviews per day.

Earn points by watching videos and viewing content on our website. Not all videos have points associated with it.

Earn points on your purchases (1e for every R1 spent).

Find the easter egg on our website (or blog) and click on it. You will then earn more points. (Limited)

We are open to suggestions for earning points that are fun and engaging. Good recommendations that we end up using will also earn you ePoints.

Happy hunting….